Deep Fryer

See → Deep Fryer

Safety thermostat and control, removable tray, drain valve. Available in 5, 8 16 and 2x8 litres. Extremely high performance, highly efficient, 100% stainless steel.

Food Smoker

See → Food Smoker

Why smoke your food? A good smoking technique, practiced by professionals involves 3 stages: salting, drying and smoking.

Ham Press

See → Ham Press

Available with either 1 or 4 molds from 65 to 130 mm in diam. with or without stand.

Giant frying pan

See → Giant frying pan

These beautiful cast iron pans are originally designed for Paella. From 40 to 80 cm with or without the separation.

Gas Ring Burner

See → Gas Ring Burner

Running on either butane, propane or natural gas, this gas ring burner is the match for the giant frying pans.

Tomato Press

See → Tomato Press

Made to extract the pulp from your fresh tomatoes. Very rigid structure and secured by clamp.

Chip Slicer

See → Chip Slicer

Make your own french fries. Up to 5 kg per minute. Several interchangeable grilles to produce your favorite size.

Manual meat grinder

See → Manual meat mincer

This mincer resists corrosion. Operational reliability and easy cleaning thanks to an ergonomic design. Fix to table with clamp.